Contested Divorce in Australia

When you face contested divorce in Australia, there are most often many assets and personal property to be divided between the two parties and excluding the case of a prenuptial agreements. When a couple cannot agree on the elements of their separation this considered as contested divorce in Australia. If your divorce cases become contested because of lack of agreement on elements of separation, the court may have a hearing with both partners to determine temporary orders. A contested case can take long time to be finalised, during this period support payments must be made and property must be maintained. Keep on mind that this type of divorce can take two years of more depending on the issues at hand. So when dealing with this type of divorce it is important to have a strategy or have a set of tactics that can assist you in getting through a contested divorce.

In order to manage this battle you need to have a team on your side. Only if the second spouse (called the respondent) contests the divorce is it considered as contested. A respondent has specific days from receiving the papers to respond to them in Australian laws. It may be a good idea to consider engaging the service of lawyers. A lawyer can go a long way to representing your needs and securing you the most beneficial terms possible. This type of divorce usually ends the relationship completely and can create damage to a relationship with children. There are some exceptions such as when the mother suffers from a mental illness or other issue that makes her unfit. Contested divorce can be a very difficult and stressful even to the family surrounding those involve. Divorce lawyers can help you in your divorce case. There are many issues to be addressed in contested divorce as well as protecting your rights.