Divorce in Australia: The most common effects divorce on children

For many couples with children in Australia, this can be a time of dread and sadness associated with the process of telling the children. In fact, children with divorced parents are rapidly becoming the norm, not exception as roughly half of all marriages end in divorce. Children and divorce in Australia statistics show that an overwhelming 50 percent of marriages end up in divorce now a days. The odds are higher if it is the second marriages. Divorce can be a very hard time for children. Parents must take an active role in determining whether their children are having a hard time with the stress of their parents splitting up. Separation and divorce are adult decision. Children do not have this perspective and may blame themselves if the adult do not explain the separation to them. With the respect to children and divorce, research indicates that the higher the level of parental reactivity children are facing the greater their level of suffering. Suffering starting by parental negativity creates a schism for children. It is often in these situations that children are required to make a choice. One they would not be required to make if they were living healthy emotional system. The children whose parents go through divorce may fell an acute anxiety and fear about their own future relationship. Young children may have the hard time understanding about the permanency of a divorce and feel anxious about the stability and also the security of their life. Sometimes parents are so busy to take care of the divorce that they do not notice their children getting depressed. It can lead them to very dire consequences like making poor choice, eating disorder, hurting one's self and even committing suicide. Sometime younger children are especially more likely to think this and do something to correct themselves and want to bring their parents back together. But in divorce children hold a powerful position when it comes to parental separation and divorce. The best advice for parents is this, while it is stressful, try to accept and take care of yourself and your children and divorce as best you can. Allow your children to hold on to those magical emotions and develop into emotionally healthy adults. Children are always blindsided by careless comments regarding as affair or other adult issue that become part of casual conversation. So in divorce issue you need to be established your children rights.