Our Fees

Our FIXED fee covers a completed Application for Divorce within 48 hours. We will send a copy to you for approval before sending you the final document. We will also provide you with SMS and email updates. We will then provide you with a checklist and helpful information to ensure you have everything you need to file your application. We do not have any hidden fees!


The court fees


When filing an Application for Divorce, you must pay the fee of $900 to the court when lodging the application. You may be eligible for a reduced fee of $300 or an exemption if you have been issued with certain concession cards or you can demonstrate financial hardship. For more information contact the Family Court.

  • You have been separated for over a year.
  • There is no chance you will get back together.
  • Your spouse consents to the divorce.
  • Your marriage is recognised in Australia.
  • You know the whereabouts of your spouse
  • You have come to an arrangement regarding any children under 18 years.

If you can answer yes to all the above you can begin your divorce proceedings immediately !

  1. Choose your preferred divorce service
  2. Complete a simple online questionnaire
  3. Receive your completed divorce papers within 48 hours
  4. File for divorce with your local Court and pay the filing fee