Frequently Asked Questions


What does the fixed fee include?

The fixed fee includes a completed application for divorce, service documents (where required) and assistance in the Court filing process. Please note we do not handle contested Applications or applications where you do not know the whereabouts of your spouse.


Are there any other charges?

We do not charge any hidden fees, once you confirm the completed application and respective documents, we will lodge it to Court and you will have to pay the Court filing fee. The Court collects a filing fee of $1060. This is payable to the Court. You may be eligible for a reduction of the filing fee if you hold certain means-tested concession cards. Note that if you are joint applicants, both of you are required to have concession cards to obtain the reduced Court fee. The reduced fee is $350 as of 1 July 2023


What if I was born overseas?

You can still apply for a divorce even if you were born overseas as long as you or your spouse is an Australian citizen or have lived in Australia for at least 12 months immediately prior to the filing of the divorce. You will be required to provide documents like a copy of your Australian citizenship, passports, visa or other documents as proof.


How long does the entire divorce process take?

We provide you with your completed documents within 48 hours provided the client responds and returns the signed documents within the time frame.
Once lodged at the Court you will receive a hearing date. This can be between two to five months from the time of the filing, depending on the Court’s available schedule.


What if I cannot locate my spouse?

We cannot assist you with your application for divorce if you do not know the whereabouts of your spouse. You can still apply for divorce, but we suggest that you contact a Family Lawyer in your state.


Do you service all states?

We are unable to support applications in Western Australia but service all other states.


What if I am doing a sole application and my spouse is living overseas?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to process sole applications where the client’s spouse is overseas because the Court may require additional requirements for the service of the documents overseas. Please contact a Family Lawyer in your state for assistance.


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