How to overcome Depression after Divorce?

Life is strange and it will be stranger after a divorce. Divorce is one of the most stressful situations in one's life. It will affect both emotional and physical health in human life. Because in a married relationship is related with emotion and physically and depression is common when people get divorced. Some studies reveal that divorced people have 25% more depression and chronic health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and panic attacks etc. compared with generally married people.

Sudden breakup or divorce changes our life as a whole. It breaks and disrupted your daily routine usually your regular household, duties, your relationship with other family members and sometime you feel like you lost your identity. Some questions surfing your mind after your divorce that how to live without your partner? And would you have to stay all alone now or future??? This type of unknown questions and anxiety are worse than an unhappy relationship. But that does not mean that your life has become to an end. Life is going on and you have a life to go ahead that can't be ignored. You have to come out of the old relationship and go ahead. There are many ways to overcome this stress.

# Ways to overcome and decrease the depression:

Do not forget that you still have a life and a good future. You started a relationship with good things and you started with hope with dreams. It is too hard to forget to dreams. The true thing is there is no end of hope. Always keep it in your mind that new hopes and dreams will come in place of your old ones. After divorce you thing that you would have to live alone this world and no one with you. But there are solutions that try to make new friends and try to meet new people. Go to many social welfare centres and get involved in many social activities. Take out time for yourself and take some time out of your previous routine. After separation do what you wanted to do in past and you can do with the bond of your relationship. It can take time to achieve the stability after a divorce that you once had in your previous life. After all you are missing an essential ingredient and it is love. The best thing you can do is to push forward without that missing bond. Visit new place and do what you wanted to do in you divorce previous life and enjoy what you wanted to enjoy.