How you legally stop Divorce?

There are many people who do not believe that divorce is the only solution to the problems that they have as husband and wife, unfortunately many people who are oblivious of the problems in their relationships. For those who are served with divorce papers from their spouse, the next question is "Can you legally stop divorce?" For these people, it is important that there is a possibility to stop the divorce case filed by their spouse.
Actually, legally no one can stop their spouse from filing a divorce case because if a person really intends to divorce his/her spouse, it will most possible be granted to them. But few people mistakenly think that as long as they do not sign the divorce papers, the divorce procedures will not take place and the respondent is typically given 30 days from the time the divorce papers are served. If anyone failure to sign and return the papers within the 30 days period won't half the divorce case. And then issuing parting can file for a contested divorce case. But there are ways in which you can freeze the divorce proceedings or at least stall it a bit to give your partner the time to really think things through. The finest way to do this to have a heart to heart talk with your husband/wife and if this fails then you can talk to your lawyer since they are the most knowledgeable ones when it comes to these issues. There are few things in life more painful than watching the person you love most in the world slip through your fingers. So you have to be thoughtful and think about that "How can I stop my divorce and make my wife love me again". There is one thing you can do fairly quickly though that will help you get your wife to at least consider the possibility that your marriage could be saved. You just need to come up with an excellent plan to make it happen. Since every state has a different ways of seeing problems as these, it is also important that you have sound advice on divorce cases.