Ways to get a cheap Divorce in Australia

If you are not careful, you will pay a lot of money for a Divorce in Australia. No matter which way you go about it, if you want a divorce, you must pay at the very minimum, the state fees for processing. Is there such a thing as a cheap divorce? Most divorce proceedings these days, the correct term will have to be cheaper divorce. There really is no such thing as going through such a thing as going through such process for free. But there are ways on how to get cheap divorce, or rather cheaper divorce by following some of these steps.

1. Find the proper proper state divorce forms, fill out them and then file them with appropriate court. You then serve filed documents on your partner. If you and your partner agree with everything and assuming you filled in the documents correctly you will have achieved the cheapest form of divorce, the only cost is the court fee.

2. No matter how painful this process may go, never close your communication ties with your soon-to-be-ex. Many couples are now choosing mediatory divorce rather than to actually bring the procedure to the courts. Mediatory divorce means "Civilly" talking about an uncontested separation- or almost uncontested.

3. Always ask for legal counseling- even if you intend to do most of the work or present your case at the divorce court yourself. Ask your potential lawyer if his or her company has un building divorce services, prepaid legal services or pro bono services (free legal counseling usually on grounds of bankruptcy). In any event qualified lawyer will make this process go much faster as opposed to you simply guessing as to you what you should be doing next. The rule of thumb for most divorce cases is this the faster the process goes- the less money both parties will spend.

4. Hire a mediator. If you and your partner simply can not agree on all the divorce issues consider hiring a mediator before going to trial. If you don not wish to get legal advice after using mediation and hire a divorce service to draft up the documents or do it yourself.

5. If you are serious about getting a cheap divorce check out online divorce service. The advantage here is if you are eligible to get a divorce without an attorney. Quality online divorce service must fill out the proper divorce for you. A good online divorce service should guarantee that your documents will get filed. Yes courts reject documents if they are not correctly filled out.